Sunday, April 30, 2006

We need Garrigou's philosophical & theological works in print! Pt. 2

Share/Bookmark I have suggested to TAN and St. Augustine's Press that I would be interested in Editing an edition of Garrigou-Lagrange's commentaries in English. One Volume, On the Eucharist (De Eucharistia), has not been translated, to my knowledge; and as far as I can tell the second volume of The Theological Virtues was never published--at least I've never been able to find evidence of one.

I am particularly interested in seeing the following, untranslated works be put into English translation (in order of preference):

1) De Revelalione per Ecclesiam catholicam proposita.
2) Le sens commun: La philosophie de l'être et les formules dogma­tiques.
3) Le réalisme du Principe de finalité.
4) De virtutibus theologicis. Commentarius in ST, II-II.17-46.
5) De Eucharistia. Accedunt de Poenitentia quaestiones dogmaticae.
6) Le sens du mystère et le clair obscur intellectuel.

I would especially be interested in translating the first two myself.

There are other untranslated works whose translation into English is not as urgent, either because they are more ascetical than theological (and there are plenty of his ascetical works available in English) or because their contents have been 'recycled' in other of his works:

7) Dieu accessible à tous.
8) Introduzione allo studio di Dio. Schemi di lezioni.
9) Attualità e essenza del tomismo.
10) Mère Marie de Jésus Deluil-Martiny.
11) Mère Marie de Jésus. Fondatrice de la Compagnie de la Vierge.
12) Many French articles available at Salve Regina site. (See bibliography there too).

I met Fr. Eickhoff of St. Augustine Press in last October's ACPA conference at Notre Dame U. I thanked him for the publication of "The Sacred Monster of Thomism" and mentioned my interest in Garrigou. I told him I would be interested in publishing a translation of Garrigou's De Revelalione per Ecclesiam catholicam proposita. He gave me his card and said that St. Augustine's Press has been toying with the idea of publishing the Collected Works of Garrigou in English and that there are others who are interested in translating some of Garrigou's works.

In December I contacted the editor, Bruce Fingerhurst, and he replied:

"This is a large undertaking for us. I would need a couple of ducks in a row before I agree. Of course, we'd need clear contract from the Dominicans to proceed, and I'd have to find a grant after I know how many books and their size would constitute the final series."

I don't know what that means exactly. I got a bit discouraged and haven't contacted him since.

Maybe we can join forces and get them excited about this project again!

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