Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blog Update!

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Happy feast day of St. Francis!

After a Summer of limited activity (and over a month of total inactivity), Ite ad Thomas resumes its work. For so long I was unable to put up any posts due to an amazing cluster of problems that I had to drag my family through, including a very pregnant wife.

August and September were the most difficult two months of my life, so far. It has not quite been like Job, but it almost seemed that way to us. But now things are settling down a bit. I am getting back into my daily teaching routine and intend to update the blog regularly (although I can't promise long posts!).

I will, however, make it explicit now that I will be accepting donations. I want to do this for free (as it should), but the reality is that money is an issue for any poor philosopher/theologian like myself. As soon as time allows, I will update the sidebar of the blog and include a donations link. For now, however, if you wish to make a donation, you can simply use the mailing address next to my picture above. Prayers and beautiful holy cards are also greatly appreciated as donations (you should see my holy card collection!).

In Domino,
-Francisco Romero.

Sancte Francisce, ora pro nobis!


JWY said...

Francisce, nunc negotia vitae tuae, ut spero, sunt meliora? Habesne adhuc novum natum (filium aut filiam parvam)? Ego quoque discens in universitate Cornell, non tamen mulierem habens, cognosco etiam quam difficile est scribere ad diplomam Doctoris Philosophiae assequendam.

Don Paco said...

Etiam, filiae tres nunc habeo. Nova nata est nimis pulchra. Nomen eius Catharina Siena Elizabeth.

Circumstantiae familiae meae valde mutatae sunt. Negotium vetum in Rockford dimmiti. Nunc uxor et filiae in Floridia habitant, sed ego in Milwaukia laboro (in hospitale, quasi interpres hispanico-anglicus). Bis in mense ad Floridiam eo ad eas videndas. Res tamen valde meliora nunc sunt quam prius. In mense Maii novum negotium academicum (in Colegio Miami-Dade) incipiam. Tunc cum familia esse potero. Vale, amice.