Monday, December 10, 2007

Translation of Nos cum prole...


What does this mean? Nos cum prole pia benedicat Virgo Maria. Amen


It means: "May the Virgin Mary with her Loving Offspring bless us. Amen."

But, if you ask me, it sounds a million times better in Latin.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps, if we reword that translation it'll sound better in English: taking "prole pia" as a phrase in Latin more chosen for its assonance, while keeping the classical sense of the terms and the formal sense of its signification, by rendering it "Holy Child", thus, and saying:

"May the Virgin Mary bless us with Her Holy Child!. Amen!"

Merry Christmas!

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Anonymous said...

And how about this translation: " May the Virgin Mary bless us and our devout (pious) children"?

Don Paco said...

"May the Virgin Mary bless us and our pious children" is definitely a possible translation, logically speaking, but I seriously doubt that such is the meaning of the prayer.

alexmarison said...

This was the form of blessing that st. lawrence of Brindisi made up and used as his personal favorite, according to the catholic cathechism.

Midasks said...

Mary, with your loving Son, bless us each and everyone.

Anonymous said...

In the Schoenstatt Movement the phrase is used widely as a greeting and blessing! One of the English versions we say (a very loose translation) is "Mother with your Blessed Son, Bless us each and every one!"