Monday, August 09, 2010

The Great Scholastic Thomists: Cajetan's Commentary on the Prima Secundae (Download)

On the 476th Anniversary of the Death of Thomas de Vio Cajetan (1469-1534)
From Thomas de Vio Cajetan, OP - Commentary on the Prima Secundae of St. Thomas’ Summa:


Although my purpose was to finish my commentary on the books On the Soul before I should begin this new work, I judged that I should rather continue my commentary on the Summa of St. Thomas: both because this means teaching things that directly pertain to the way of salvation, and because this doctrine is too dormant in Italy, and nonetheless is very much necessary.  But I do not intend to comment on each article, but to dwell wherever is necessary according to the subject matter....  I wish these to be received, just as all my other words, only if, and insofar as, they are consonant with reason: for I neither request that they be given greater faith than that which they naturally deserve from reason.  Let us recall, nonetheless, that mathematical certainty is not to be expected in morality, as is said in Metaphysics II [Cf. St. Thomas’ Commentary on the Metaphysics, Lecture 5].  Confident, therefore, in the intercession of St. Thomas, I hasten to the text....

Download Cajetan's Commentary on Summa Theologiae, Prima Secundae (Antwerp, 1568).


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