Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sure, Coexist as Catholics. Traditional Catholics, no Less.



Alexander said...

Mr. Paco,

Would it be too much trouble to ask for some information (perhaps a blog post) regarding liturgical languages? Like how they historically developed, why they are proper and fitting for Mass and why the modern vernacularism is a novelty and antiquarianism in disguise (or whatever)?

Geremia said...

Alexander, read this: Fr. Nikolaus Gihr The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass "The Language Used in the Celebration of the Holy Mass"

Geremia said...

The "Coexist" bumper sticker is atheistic. It assumes the gods of the religions whose symbols it depicts do not exist in reality because if they all did exist, and because there are contradictions between the gods of different religions, there would be a contradiction in reality. Consequently, there would not be one truth but chaos, contradicting half-truths, and irrationality, which result from syncretism. Reality, however, is sensible and rational; modern science can attest to this. If there is no absolute truth or one single God governing the universe, then all religions' gods are only figments of their individual adherents' imaginations. That gods are whatever one wants them to be is Luther's Protestant idea that everyone is his own authority or even his own god, i.e., sola fide or "faith only" in any god(s) is all that matters. Since syncretism is contradictory, a parody of the "Coexist" bumper sticker could be


because there can be only one absolute truth, one true religion worshipping one real God, or

☪☮✡♀U♂✝☯N and ☪☮✡♂R♀☭IC✝I☯N

since confusion and contradiction are the results of amalgamating contradictory beliefs.

Alexander said...

Thank you.

Kosel Family said...

Thank you, someone needed to address that bumper sticker! Err..

Asshole said...

I never realized before what was dotting the "i", it being so small. It seems to me that those designed it did this on purpose, as a kind of signature. There's definitely an occultist/Satanic side to this bumper sticker.