Saturday, September 01, 2012

Where to Send Your Paper? A Survey of Philosophy Journals


Here is a link to a list of philosophy journals that are rated on a 12-level scale according to a survey done in 2006.  Level 1 is the best; level 12 is the least good.  This is a valuable resource for researchers who are looking for an appropriate journal to send their work.  Of course, it is not an infallible way to evaluate journals, but it does help as a rule of thumb.  I also add a list of journals included in the Philosopher's Index, because before you send your paper to a journal, it is always a good practice to make sure that journal is indexed, given that non-indexed journals are--for better or worse--generally considered to be of inferior scholarly quality and prestige.

Link to Philosophy Journals Survey.
Link to Philosopher's Index Source List.


papabear said...

I don't see any Thomistic journals higher than level 7; formerly Thomistic in orientation there's the ACPQ (and The Review of Metaphysics?). Given the generally sorry state of academic philosophy is the compiler of the list a reliable judge?

Geremia said...

Do you know of any similar lists for orthodox Catholic theological journals? I saw The Thomist on one of your linked lists here, and it's mostly theology. But I didn't see Nova et Vetera. Thanks