Tuesday, January 22, 2013

St. Thomas' Division of the Pauline Epistles (Outline & Horizontal Charts)


Outline of the Pauline Corpus (from his Commentary on Romans; click link to download):


Ryan Haecker said...

Thank you for posting these.

Jhf884 said...

Awesome! Do you know if anything like this exists for his various commentaries on the works of Aristotle?

Geremia said...

Have you seen:

Summa Theologiae
Schema operis a J. Morán, I. Gamboa, J. Medina et G. Bañuelos instructum more Adobe Flash
Expositio libri Posteriorum Analyticorum
Schema operis a Jorge Medina instructum more Adobe Flash

mentioned on CorpusThomisticum.org?

Don Paco said...

Yes, indeed, Morán and Medina are my colleagues here at Universidad Panamericana. Morán is well know for his work on the divisions of Aquinas' texts in the Spanish-speaking Thomist world. I will be translating some of this work into English, hopefully.