Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy Feast of the Circumcision!


The first time Our Lord shed His blood for our redemption.  A deep mystery lies hidden in today's Gospel, despite its brevity.  It narrates in two verses the circumcision and naming of Our Lord, thus linking together His first shedding of blood and his mission as 'Savior'--which is the meaning of the Holy Name of 'Jesus'.  (Cf. Bl. Idelfonso Schuster, The Sacramentary, vol. 1, p. 397, available from ITOPL.)

The Feast of the Circumcision is also, coincidentally, a nice, traddy feast that was expunged from the new calendar because it clashed with modern sensibilities.  It behooves us traditional Catholics to show devotion and attachment to this feast.  If we want it back, that is.  This should be in our minds and our hearts as we celebrate the 'New Year'.

PS.  And don't forget you get a plenary indulgence by singing or reciting the Veni Creator, under the usual conditions.

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