Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Research Starting Points (External Links)


After years of absence, our "Link Library" is back! When Blogger switched to the "new" Blogger years back, our massive link library, which we had on our sidebar, got seriously distorted. Moreover, the sheer number of individual links made it impractical for us to keep them updated, and so a good percentage of them ended up being dead links. Ultimately, we decided it was better to take the whole thing down. 

In the years since, we have received emails from readers who said that they missed the link library because they used it as a starting point for their own research.  Our goal is for Ite ad Thomam to become a regular hub for traditional Catholic researchers.  We are honored that you would use our site as a starting point for your own research, and we would like again to live up to that expectation.  

So we decided to put our Link Library back up, both on the sidebar and as a stand-alone page (see tabs above); it is in a significantly reduced, and therefore more manageable, form, and has new formatting (updated html code).   We will be working on it on an on-going basis, but we're glad to have at least the most basic part of it back.  Eventually we will add a section on valuable pdfs that are available across the internet.

Please feel free to email us links to include.  Enjoy!

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