Sunday, February 07, 2010

81st Anniversary of the Death of Fr. Edouard Hugon, OP (1867-1929)

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From Edouard Hugon, OP -
Thomistic Philosophy Course Ia-IIae: Cosmology (forthcoming translation of Cursus philosophiae thomisticae Ia-IIae, by Francisco J. Romero Carrasquillo):

IV. – First Conclusion: “Monism, in whichever form it be proposed, is self-contradictory.” 
Proof.  Monism, in whichever form it be proposed, results in this, that the entire world is one substance, or a single principle.  But this of itself implies that all the things in which the world consists are a single substance.  Therefore, in whichever form it be proposed, monism is self-contradictory. 
Proof of the Minor.  1st Argument. – If all things are one substance and one principle, then body and spirit, living and non-living, man and non-man, virtue and vice, finite and infinite, would be one and the same thing.  But all these things are related to each other as contraries or contradictories.  Therefore, those who claim that all things are a single substance, by that very fact conclude that contraries and contradictories are the same, which is to throw away the first principle of all things....  

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