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Edouard Hugon (Wikipedia Article)

Édouard Hugon (1867-1929), Roman Catholic Priest, French Dominican, Thomistic philosopher and theologian trusted and held in high esteem by the Holy See, was a famed professor at the Angelicum at the turn of the 20th Century, as well as a well-known author of philosophical and theological manuals in the school of traditional Scholastic Thomism.

Florentin-Louis Hugon was born on August, 25 1867 in Lafarre, France, a small mountain village in the Diocese of Puy-en-Velay. At eighteen years of age, having finished secondary school, he entered the Dominican Order in Rjickolt, Holland, where the Studium of the Province of Lyons was taking refuge from political persecutors. The following year he received the Dominican habit under the name Brother Édouard.  He made his solemn profession on January 13, 1890 and was ordained priest on September 24, 1892. He immediately began his teaching career, which lasted until the end of his life. He successively taught in Rijckolt (Holland), at Rosary Hill (New York), in Poitiers, in Angers, again at Rijckolt, and finally at the Angelicum (Rome) from 1909 to 1929. He also worked as Consultant for the Sacra Congretio pro Ecclesia Orientali.

Perhaps his most notable contribution as a writer is his authoring of the ecclesiastical document known as "The 24 Thomistic Theses," which was issued by the Sacred Congregation of Studies under the authority of Pope St. Pius X in 1914, and which is the Catholic Church's official pronouncement on what positions constitute "Thomism."

Among Hugon's personal works, some of the best-known are:
  • Cursus philosophiae thomisticae, 4 vols. ("Thomistic Philosophy Course," based on the thought of St Thomas Aquinas as interpreted by John of St Thomas).*
  • Tractatus dogmatici, 3 vols. ("Dogmatic Treatises," a course on theology organized as a commentary on Aquinas' Summa Theologiae).
  • Hors de l'Église, point de salut ("Outside of the the Church there is No Salvation," his Thomistic solution to the theological problem of salvation and membership in the Catholic Church).
  • Les XXIV theses thomistes ("The 24 Thomistic Theses," a work which explains the ecclesiastical document by the same name).
  • La causalite instrumentale dans l'ordre surnaturel ("Instrumental Causality in the Supernatural Order").

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