Monday, July 16, 2007

Societas Scholasticorum


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce the forming of the Societas Scholasticorum, or "The Society of Schoolmen," a new organization created by traditional Thomists, with the support of Roman clergy and other contributors, for the restoration of Scholastic Thomism. This is the description from the website:

We are a fledgling foundation commited to restoring the philosophic doctrines, didactic principles, and scientific synthesis of the greatest masters of the medieval universities, the Scholastics. We hold Thomas of Aquin above all other philosophers as the most perfect thinker among the Scholastics and we apply ourselves to renewing the great tradition of Thomistic Philosophy forged by his Commentators throughout the centuries...

First founded among the students of the Roman Pontifical Universities, the Society of Scholastics is a union of philosophers brought together by fidelity to the principles, methods, and doctrines of Thomas Aquinas, Prince of Scholastics, which we hold inviolate, in order that, by association, we may promote the autonomous rights of philosophy as the highest and most universal science investigable by reason alone—a science which is not simply a handmaiden of theology nor a mere apologetic tool—and, thus, work for the reconciliation of philosophy with the partial sciences...

Visit the website and join the Society of Schoolmen!
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