Sunday, May 15, 2011

Does Distributism Hold Up to Rerum novarum and Quadragesimo anno?

Commemorating the 120th Anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's Rerum novarum.
And the 80th Anniversary of Pope Pius XI's Quadragesimo anno.

Reading Suggestions:

- Just to get you into the debate: read the post, "Why are Distributist Leaders Misleading their Aduience about Capitalism?," by Patrick Odou (in*

- Have you ever studied these two encyclicals?  If you haven't, can you think of a better time to do so than now?!  I would recommend you read Quadragesimo anno first, then Rerum novarum.  Reading them in this order might help you avoid some misunderstandings about the latter.

- An excellent summary of traditional Catholic social doctrine is Ryan and Boland's The Principles of Catholic Politics, available on pdf from ITOPL.

* N.B.: I should not have to point out--but a number of complaints force me to do so--that I do not subscribe to everything that is affirmed (and especially the way in which it is affirmed) in  My approach to issues is a bit more careful and reserved.  Nonetheless, I am able to discern some very incisive and interesting points in some of its posts, and I find that much of what they write resonates especially well with a thoroughly traditional Catholic way of looking at things.  I particularly benefitted from this article.

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