Saturday, October 01, 2005

Richard Peddicord -The Sacred Monster of Thomism (on Garrigou-Lagrange)


Richard Peddicord's recent book on Garrigou-Lagrange, The Sacred Monster of Thomism.

Here's the link to the book in St. Augustine Press.

Here's the
link to the book in

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Geremia said...

Fr. Aidan Nichols, O.P.'s Reason with Piety: Garrigou-Lagrange in the service of Catholic thought is an excellent complement to Fr. Peddicord's Sacred Monster of Thomism. Having had to lecture on a "post-Tridentine Catholic theology" course at Oxford for the first time at Oxford, Fr. Nichols quickly became a Fr. G.-L. convert, never having read him before. Fr. Nichols masterfully and concisely describes Modernism and introduces Fr. G.-L.'s philosophical and theological responses to it. While Fr. Peddicord focused more on Fr. G.-L.'s spirituality, Fr. Nichols concentrates on his philosophy and theology. Fr. Nichols' book is like a concise "Reality: A Synthesis of Garrigouvian Thought." I highly recommend it.

Geremia said...

Here's the link for the book from Ave Maria University's Sapientia Press.

Geremia said...

Also, a couple more tidbits about Fr. Nichols's biography:

He considers Dieu, son existence et sa nature "Garrigou's most important work" which "deserves recognition as a classic."

Fr. Nichols's book's 2nd most common work cited is the 2nd edition of De Revelatione, which apparently was substantially truncated in subsequent editions.