Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Is Vatican II infallible? (Appendix 1)

A post by Don Paco.

Quaeritur: I was wondering what does "the religious submission of mind and will" mean in reference to Vatican II, like what you write on your website. I want to know because it seems contradictory to believe something in faith but not in mind and will.

Respondeo: Faith is a supernatural (or "theological") virtue. Submission of mind and will is a purely natural assent. For example, I firmly believe that God is three Persons in One Nature. I also firmly believe that my mother loves me. But my firm belief in the dogma of the Trinity is an act of supernatural Faith; whereas my firm belief that my mother loves me is an act of merely human faith. So when V2 asks us to submit in mind and will to the non-infallible teachings of the Roman Pontiff, it is asking us to assent with a natural faith, as it were, not with the supernatural virtue of Faith.

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