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Ite ad Thomam Tours: The Life and Work of St. Thomas, an Overview


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Important Places in the Life of St. Thomas Aquinas:

Formative Years:

1225-30: Birth and childhood in Roccasecca.
1230-39: Benedictine oblate at Montecassino.
1239-44: Education at Naples, where he takes the Dominican habit.
1244: Intercepted by family at Acquapendente, imprisoned in Monte San Giovanni and later Roccasecca.
1245-48: Studies under St. Albert at Paris.
1248-52: Works for St. Albert as Bachelor in Cologne.

Productive Years:

1252-56: Lectured as bachelor on the Sentences at Paris.
1256-59: Master in Sacra Pagina at Paris.
1259-61: Dominican Houses of Studies, Naples.
1265-68: Sancta Sabina, Rome.
1268-72: Master of Theology at Paris.

Transitus into Heaven:

1272-73: Dominican House of Studies, Naples; vision/"straw".
1274: Sojourn towards Lyons, accident at Teano, stays at Maenza, death in Fossanova.

1323: Canonization in Avignon.
1369: Translation of relics to Toulouse.
1567: Named doctor of the Church in Rome.

Chronological/Geographical Table of Aquinas' Works 
From the Marietti edition of the Expositio in Libros Peri hermeneias et Posteriorum (with places added):
NB.  For more biographical details, and a more updated chronology of his works, see Jean Pierre Torrel, St Thomas Aquinas, Vol. 1.

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