Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Casa Santa Lidia: The trouble with Kant: couldn't have said it better myself


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Alan Aversa said...

If you don't have a proper metaphysics, you won't have a proper ethics. See Stephen Long's "'Goods' Without Normative Order to the Good Life, Happiness, or God: The New Natural Law Theory and the Nostrum of Incommensurability."

Deo gratias I've read very little Kant, just his Sapere aude essay and the part of the CPR arguments for God's existence. Kant seemed to have a hatred of scholastics, basically considering them subtle tricksters.

Jacobitess said...

Sic, Alan. The paradox pointed out at Casa Santa Lidia is as maddening as Kant's concept of reality: 'You don't know the the blue pen, but rather the blueness and the penness of...the thing.' Once you trap the origins of knowledge in the mind, you'll never get out again.

Another disturbing thing about Kant's ethics though is that the best ethical actions are those undertaken with no joy! The introduction of any sort of warm gratification sullies the deed. The pagan Aristotle even said that once virtuous action becomes a habit, it will make one happy.

What a miserable creature a man of modern thought is.