Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ite ad Thomam's Link Library is back!

After more than a year of absence, our Link Library is back! When Blogger switched to the "new" Blogger, our massive link library, which we had on our sidebar, got all messed up, so we had to take it down. Recently, thanks to the new "page" option on blogger, we were able to rehabilitate the link list as a page

It still needs quite a bit of editing, and many links will now be dead, and so we will be working on it on an on-going basis, but we're glad to have it back. Remember it was originally a sidebar link list, so it still needs to be re-formatted.  We will be working on that, too.

Our goal is for Ite ad Thomam to become a regular hub for traditional Catholic researchers.  So please feel free to email us links to include. Enjoy!

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