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St. Alphonsus's Theologia Moralis: The Magisterially-Guaranteed Manual of Casuistry

Share/Bookmark Quoted from Gousset, La justification de la théologie morale du bienheureux Alphonse-Marie de Liguori, p. 197:

English Translation 
(Copyright © 2011 Francisco J. Romero Carrasquillo and Ite ad Thomam.  All rights reserved.)

1) Whether the professor of Sacred Theology can safely follow and profess the opinions that St. Alphonsus Liguori professes in his Theologia Moralis?

2) Whether a confessor is to be reprimanded who, in the practice of the sacred Tribunal of [the Sacrament of] Penance, follows all of the opinions of St. Alphonsus Liguori, merely because the Holy Apostolic See has not found anything in his works worthy of censure?  The confessor of whom we inquire does not read the works of the Holy Doctor except to know accurately his doctrine; not to examine their importance or their reasons, concerning which there are many opinions; but considers himself to act safely by the very fact that he prudently judges the doctrine which does not contain anything worthy of censure to be sound, safe, and not contrary in any way to the holiness of the Gospel.


The Holy Penitentiary having weighed the above [...] resolved to respond:

1) To the first question: Affirmatively, so long as he does not thereby deem as reprehensible those who follow the opinions proposed by other approved Authors.

2) To the second question: Negatively, given the mind of the Holy See concerning the approbation of the writings of the servants of God for the purpose of Canonization. 

Given in Rome, in the Sacred Penitentiary, the fifth day of July, 1831.

A.F. de Retz, S.P. Regens
F. Fricca, S.P. Secretarius

Concordat cum Originali.

A. Cardinalis, Archiepiscopus Vesontionensis.


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