Friday, February 05, 2010

Flyer Given at FSSP Mass that was Mistaken for an 'Ecumenical Congress'


Above is a facsimile of the original; a translation follows.

We cannot accept ecumenical reunions:

Because it casts doubt on Catholic dogma: OUTSIDE OF THE CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION, on account of which it has always been believed that the Catholic Church is the only arc of salvation, the only one that has the means of sanctification and the true, infallible magisterium.

Because it dishonorably places the Catholic Church, the only [Church] founded by Christ, at the same level as false religions; just as Pilate placed Jesus and Barrabas at the same level.

Because it dampens and renders bourgeois the apostolic zeal of Catholics, making them scorn the apostolate and the missionary spirit, and because it confuses non-Catholics, making them think that they can be saved in their false religion.

Because Pope Pius XI in 1928 in his encyclical MORTALIUM ANIMOS condemns the ecumenical movement saying: “The Apostolic See has not permitted, nor will it permit, the attendance at the reunions of non-Catholics; the union of Christians can only be sought by favoring the return of dissidents to the one, true Church of Christ....”.

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