Thursday, December 17, 2009

Forgotten Teachings: Universal Suffrage is Madness

Share/Bookmark Pius IX, Address to French Pilgrims (May 5, 1874), in J.M. Villefranche, Pio IX, (São Paulo: Ed. Panorama, 1948), pp. 372-373.

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I give you my blessing for the difficult but necessary task in which you are engaged, which consists of eliminating or diminishing a great affliction which plagues contemporary society: this is called universal suffrage.

To entrust the decision of momentous issues to the naturally ignorant and passionate multitudes - is this not equivalent to leaving it to chance and running voluntarily toward the abyss? Yes, in this case, universal suffrage would better deserve to be called madness; and when the power of decision lies in the hands of secret societies, as so often happens, we can call it a universal lie.

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